America Is Infected


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This is based on a true story although the author has changed the characters’ names to protect identities. This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health. The author has attempted to convey the scientific concepts in such a way that a parent can understand. Our children must be protected.

About Daniela Grace

Daniela Grace, thriving spa owner and mother of four was well on her way to achieving the American dream until 2010 when her son, Cody, came down with a mysterious disease that turned their lives upside down. Experience Ella’s heart wrenching quest to rescue her son from the grips of the court system only to uncover that the cause of his behavioral issues were medical and that the condition that was wreaking havoc on his brain was treatable...

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My son has been dealing with Mycoplasma for 3 years... minimum...I had no idea what was wrong.....we started with Pediatrician who suggested a Pediatric neurologist, MRI, EEG, 24 hour EEG, thousands of dollars in blood work and Dr.'s who don't take insurance. I traveled out of state to a specialist who blew off the blood work I had with me. Diagnosed Autism and told me to put him on Abilify...BTW...I never did. Sept. of 2015 I read America is infected...found a Dr. who agreed to work with us ..Mycoplasma IGG was 2160...even this Dr. didn't believe he had an active infection. He agreed to order swab kit from Clongen Labs..came back positive and started treating with Azithromycin and Doxycycline....within days....we started to see child had regressed in all areas...a few days into the treatment..eye contact came back, speech, his school reported that he was starting to engage with the other children, hold a pencil again...we have seen continued improvement. He's been on antibiotics for 4 1/2 months....about a month ago my Dr. wanted to stop Doxycycline...some symptoms started to come back...he went back on and the improvement continues. Thank you, Andi for posting this video and Daniela Grace for writing this book!!!
- Amy P.

Four years ago I was almost bed ridden with pain. Countless appointments followed with numerous Dr's and Specialists, Neurology, Hematologist, Rheumatology, Cardiologist, Ears Nose & Throat specialist,Endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Hashimoto Thyroid and ITP, an autoimmune disease that prematurely destroys platelets. A year and half ago I was diagnosed with RSD. I asked my doctos why was this happening to me? what is causing this? There has to be a root cause. They had no answer other than sometimes these things happen and we do not know why. I tried dozen upon dozens of prescribed medication with no relief

I became obsessed with searching the internet for the answer, my root cause. I read an article that linked Mycoplasma infection with Autoimmune Disease. Soon after by the grace (Daniela Grace) of God I found  Daniela and her book “America is Infected” I had the exact same health problems of Ella. I found a Functional Medicine Dr. that tested and treated Mycoplasma, yes they are hard to find but do exist. I was found to have very high M. Pneumoniae. I had proof, I was not crazy. Now almost a year later following the protocol in the book I can say things are looking up, I am improving. I know in time I will beat Mycoplasma and I will have my life back. Thank you Daniela.

In Ella’s riveting story, America is Infected, you will learn that:

  • Often disorders like ADHD, OCD and ODD can be treated without psychiatric drugs.
  • The evolution of psychiatry is paralleled by the evolution of bacterial and viral pathogens.
  • Autoimmune diseases and inflammation may stem from a single, man made source.
  • Some of our “genetic” traits may not really belong to us...
  • Man has altered the symptoms of infection beyond recognition...
  • Many “juvenile delinquents” may be the innocent victims of a massive infectious disaster.
  • PTSD has an infectious root cause.
  • The treatment is quite simple, although recovery can be daunting.
What readers say about America is Infected:

“A compelling read!”

~ Ashley Webster, Local business development writer

“UNBELIEVABLE!! Every person in health care, whether physical or mental, needs to know this!!”

~ Anonymous, Business owner

“The truth is scary!”

~ Alfred Shanbour II, Healthcare consultant

“All I can say is Wow!”

~ Kym Mullen, Registered Nurse and mother of three